E-Commerce Solutions

The e-commerce concept started in the 1960s and made a huge impact on the business owners. As soon as it grew in importance, one started hearing about Amazon and E-Bay doing a pretty good business. Then in the late 1990s, online auctions also began to hit the realm of e-business. Hence, boosting the concept more and more with each passing year. Consequently, encouraging more people to take e-commerce into consideration. Later, when social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest came into existence, these facilitated online businesses. The term E-Commerce or Electronic commerce implies online trading that involves selling or buying of services and products. It does not involve any in-person or physical contact as the transactions are done only over the internet. Ever since its emergence, many businesses have benefited from it. Be the next one to join those millions of people using e-commerce to its maximum potential. Over the passage of time, there have been so many innovations in the world of internet that have made things smoother and better.

E-commerce software has been the backbone of online businesses. Countless retailers all across the globe have been using different software, depending on their needs and suitability. The main advantage of e-commerce software is that it provides the user with ease and comfort. It makes it easy for them to manage the e-stores as it is easy to use. Thus, you can easily add or get rid of unnecessary products, manage orders, calculate taxes and as a whole keep an eye on everything without any hassle.

If you look up on the internet and try to find the functions of e-commerce software, you will see everywhere that its main function is to “simplify” procedures for you.

•E-commerce software value in the realm of Marketing: as far as marketing for any business is concerned, the more it is done the better it is for your brand awareness. Thus, the software makes paves the way for easy marketing. It is important that your store needs to be visible in the search engine and gets a high ranking to make things work for you as a business owner. The software, therefore, allows easy optimization.
•Convenience: with e-commerce software on board, you can manage without panicking or fretting about anything. This is mainly because everything is automated, from shipping labels to taking care of sales and taxes.
•Easy management: the software enables you to manage products like its no big deal. The colors, size, names, images and quantity, everything is managed in a way that there is no need for the technical knowledge.
•Prompt response: after simplification of processes the software has to make sure to make every user experience count. Thus, you can get to know if the software has proven its worth if the response is fast. Customers should be able to find what they are looking for quickly. Otherwise, it kills the whole purpose of that software. In simpler words, it improves customer experiences.
•Managing orders: one of the most crucial things in online businesses is to look after is to manage customer orders. Thus, mishandling can ruin the reputation of your brand. Therefore, here comes the role of e-commerce software. It basically helps in managing orders from the first step to the last one. Also, it takes charge of the customer communications in order to avoid any loopholes. So, you must know that you are in safe hands as far as you are using e-commerce software.

Shopify: this is one of the most popular e-commerce software solutions you might have come across. Reason being, it is very commonly used and works best for small businesses. Thus, if you are new to online stores and trading then this is the best option for you. It does the job for you as it manages things right from the get-go. It helps you to set up the business, run it and manage it with ease. It facilitates you with a wide range of things like providing you with an online storefront, payment methods, inventory management, website builder, marketing tools for a better brand image and much more. One of the best things about this software is that it does not require you to have technical skills as it is very easy to use.

Magento: this one is for large or medium sized online stores. It has been deemed as one of the most powerful software solutions. This is meant for complete customization of your website. Thus, letting you create something that is exactly how you want it to be. Consequently, enabling you to own your e-shop. Another major advantage of Magento is that it helps you manage more than one online store.

osCommerce: this is one of the oldest ones in the market out there. osCommerce came to the fore in 2000. However, its efficiency has been doubted a bit by some users and had been termed as “dated” too. But this does not make worthless as it has a lot to offer. With the use of this software, you can make your website available in many languages. However, to do this, you need to combine it with sage pay and facebook. Speaking of this software, there is a misconception that it is a bit complicated but even that can be easily solved. If you do come across a scenario like that you should not forget that there is a software community that can help you out with all the hiccups. This is what the communities are for and to make things better since this software is old, it makes its community highly experienced. Thus, the above-mentioned software solutions are just a few out of many available to suit your needs. Since the functions and jobs differ from one another, online retailers should go for what fits their business goals and criteria.