Kids & Kids

Surprisingly, kid items including the toys and games are becoming a major sell out in the online retail sector. It is astonishing that e-commerce platforms are more popular for fashion goods and consumer electronics but still kid items have managed to grab a notable share. According to IBISWorld, the annual growth rate for the online sale of toys and games reached 15.2% during 2012-2017. The sector contributed to the $13bn revenue to the economy. The trend is more astonishing in countries like Germany that hardly qualifies to be a target market for the kid items due to its adult and aging population.

Mainly diverse innovation in technology and other such factors are bringing out unique and interesting toys that often seem to be interesting for the adults as well. Further incorporation of science fiction ideas and superhero characters into every day playing items is what makes the kids go for new items. Another factor can be the rising trend of celebrating events like Halloween with the more social zeal that makes kids look for more customizable stuff.

Luckily, kids can also look at YouTube videos by the reviewers who belong to their age group. Hence, they can make better buying decisions. Apart from this, availability of online stores makes it possible to shop for the latest toys from anywhere in the world. For moms, who always keep on looking for engaging and entertaining items for their kids, here are few cool ideas they must consider while shopping at online stores.

Look for toys that offer real-life experiences

It is a fact that kids want to imitate adults in many things. In the same way, they also find fascination in phenomena that seems to surprise them. For example, every kid has always wanted to fly an airplane, at any point in their childhood. This is the reason why they have toy airplanes powered by cells, batteries or some remote control. But innovation in technology has dragged these fascinations from the realm of simple airplanes into robotics and copters.

So moms can look for the kid items like:

  • Copters and Quadcopter that can be controlled with the help of remote controls. Parents who are worried that their kids are too obsessed with play stations and screens can engage them with these specially customized drones for the kids. The reason is that such electronic kid items make them do something which is equally thrilling as well as has a touch of reality in them. Further, controlling the movements while flying these Quadcopters makes kids to learn something real.
  • Virtual Reality Games are another trend. Although there are many companies which are using VR for some special purposes like offering simulation experiences, there is a lot much that kids can get from this. Many online stores offer the latest VR headsets specially meant for a kid so that they can enjoy video games with the more realistic atmosphere. VR items become more useful for the kids when they assist the games like soccer and other such sports. In this way, kids who plan to make their name in the field can learn a lot.

Super Hero Costumes 

Apart from playing with Quadcopter and other such stuff, kids love to look like their superheroes. Hence it is indeed a cool idea to get your kid superhero costumes like those of Batman, Superman, Spiderman and cartoon characters like Ninja Turtles etc. It may be considered that such costumes are only meant for special events like Halloween or variety shows at schools. But moms can consider buying these items for their kids in a more casual manner. Like, a good thing can be telling the stories to kid by making them wear that costume and let them build their imagination. Other cool things can be to have those shoes, pencils, or other such materials that showcases funny cartoon characters and their favorite superheroes.

Drawing Books and Stationary Items

For moms, there is a huge room for using kid toys and such items in a much strategic manner. For example, there is a way to use drawing books that tell the stories. Here kids not only learn to draw but also get entertained by new stories as well. There has been a great demand for the storybooks that have science fiction thrillers. Luckily, the presence of online stores offers a huge variety and moms can choose something that may seem appropriate and fit for their kids. Thanks to the e-commerce that people can access any toy, storybook and other such stuff for their kid which follows the theme of some international character. Hence, kids get to open up their minds in beginning stages of their life and adopt more inclusive approaches.

This doesn’t mean that every drawing book or ordinary stationary items must have some themes; like pencil erasers in the shape of angry birds characters. But moms can look for something that their kid loves to have.

Tricycles for the kids

Apart from kid items that help in nourishing the mental growth, moms must also pay attention towards the physical growth as well. A good idea can be to look for tricycles or even bicycles that may deem fit according to the particular age group. While local brick and mortar stores may offer products with limitations, the online stores can have diverse products with greater ease of customizability. Here, one thing that moms should do is to buy the kid bicycles that require assembling. Usually, online stores ship these kid special vehicles in disassembled form. Engaging your kids in getting all the disassembled parts together also offers a good way to keep your kid busy.

Look for the safe alternates

While the technology has brought about so many innovations in the toys and games, parents shouldn’t forgo the safety and security of their kids. It is necessary that toys like copters, drones for kids, bicycles and gaming equipment must have manuals and guides for the kids to operate. Further, one should also pay attention to the stuff that it is not hard enough to hurt the kids. A good aspect of the online stores is that related information about each product is provided in detail. So, it is easy for buyers to know what the product really has to offer.