Techletech is here to entertain you with the best possible and advanced development, design and marketing solutions along with collaborative support to your business. Our experts with their technical skills, comprehensive knowledge, and experience of numerous technologies are actively working to solve the tech-related problems of our valued clients by serving them with affordable, reliable, robust & desired solutions that help them in managing business process and attaining the desired level of success. We build well-advanced and best-fit solutions, based on one or more of our own technology platforms. Moreover, while building solutions, we adopt the process of agility and hence we quickly respond to fast-changing market trends and customer needs. We conjointly work with you to accelerate your business growth by enriching our services and guaranteeing the delivery of scalable, feasible & innovative technology-driven software solutions.

Techletech knows the unique operational difficulties of development innovation prerequisites for your issues. Our customized approach and duty to give predominant quality IT arrangements has empowered us to help our customers streamline their business operations and enhance productivity.

Web Development

Our web development services aim at delivering the cost-effective, reliable and target oriented solutions to the customers. Regarding web development we strongly believe that an articulate and well-designed website serves as a foundation stone for making a business to maintain its robust digital presence. Our technical expertise in web development aims at delivering the finished product through four main services that include Web Designing, Web Building, Web Upgradation and Web Maintenance with a marketing oriented approach. At TechleTech we make sure that our client with non-technical background are also able to bring their business or service on digital platform with all the technical support they need to get a strong web design through a secure developmental process.
Our team of Web Development specialized in designing and developing websites and apps in diverse coding languages and platform. For instance, we specialize in JavaScript, .Net, PHP and ROR. Apart from this, we also work with application development platforms which are widely used in e-commerce. We develop websites and apps for Drupal, WordPress, Woo Commerce and Magneto as well. Our Web Development services don’t remain limited to initial design and built stage, rather they integrate a complete customer support service that includes maintenance as well. As part of providing customized services of various IT projects, we take it a challenge to synchronize the ideas with digital world in a way that they get attention of the right audience.

Software Development

TechleTech utilizes the cost minimizing approaches while offering Software Development Services; this doesn’t mean that end product offered lags behind the standards in terms of quality. Basically, we believe that businesses whether working in online space, or in brick and mortal stores, utilize the digital stores, to ease their business processes and reduce their operating costs. Our Software Development team not only integrates its technical skills and expertise but also evaluates the offered solution and its benefit to the client in term of its ROI (Return on Investment). Whether your business wants a software that keeps a track of business operations, performs simple to complex accounting tracks, performs the task of simulator or manages the tasks of the workforce, our software development professionals are skilled enough to cater to all these needs. Briefly, expertise, that TechleTech offers regarding software development is span over two phases; first is the use of right application and technical mix to carve out the desired product. Second phase analyses the requirements for easing out the business processes through the software solutions. In term of technical expertise, TechleTech offers Software Development Solutions for through following services.

  • Delivery Models
  • Front End, UI and UX Development Services
  • n-Layer software architecture development
  • Assessment and Roadmap Modeling
  • SAAS and Cloud Solutions Development
  • Workflow Modeling, Designing and Prototyping
  • Offering Customized Software Solutions according to Client Requirements
  • Software QA and Testing
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Software Product Development

Enterprise Solutions

TechleTech’s Enterprise Solutions services aim at offering its clients an opportunity to concentrate on its business in a better way. We take the responsibility of staffing, sourcing and recruiting on behalf of our client and make them able of planning about other business ventures. In term of our services regarding Enterprise Solution we are aware of one thing, which is the highly competitive environment that digitally powered business world is facing. Due to such rapid paced business atmosphere, enterprises need to outsource for services and even for the staff. Luckily, our diverse portfolio, expertise and availability of staff that can solve the challenges businesses face in digital space; we are in a position to help the enterprises come over the difficulties they come across. It doesn’t matter, whether your business faces an issue in technical aspect or managerial, needs assistance in decision making or needs to overcome some obstacle for reaching the new markets, TechleTech offers unique solutions by utilizing its service mix. Here are the services that enterprises can get in order to get their problems solved.

  • Website Development,
  • App Development
  • Software Products and Compliance
  • Marketing Services
  • Accessing the insights about Market
  • Decision Making regarding Portfolio Diversification
  • Customer Support Service
  • Managing Online Security
  • Outsourcing for the Challenging tasks
  • Monitoring Business Progress through Evaluation and Analysis

Layout Designs

As part of its services in the digital arena, TechleTech Layout Design services are an example of how ideas can be put into reality. Our Layout Design team masters the art of creating the designs that not only speak out due to their creativity, but also go well with the requirements of the digital world. We understand that producing a design that not only looks appealing to eyes, worth using as layout for a catchy website or other such medium and also goes well with the technical aspects of that medium is indeed a challenge. In order to overcome this challenge, our team makes sure to take into account the requirements by the clients, and then puts effort for utilization of their designing skills in a way that an idea turns into the designing. As far as marketing aspect is consider then TechleTech keeps in account the fact that layout design is one such tool through which any business manifests its differentiating strategy. A unique design speaks volumes about what a business wants to offer and in terms of its product and services. Keeping in mind this perquisite graphic design professionals at TechleTech utilize their skills to bring out a web layout which is worth representing.

Web Shops

Our unique services for E-Shops and E-commerce stores make it possible for clients with less technical know-how to manage their online stores. We have a mix of highly talented, professional and expert team of web developers, graphic designers and online security experts who work to ensure the safe presence of E-shops. For E-Shops TechleTech is an all at one place kind of platform that offers them consultancy from planning to the execution. Our blog articles offer deep insights with the help of facts and figures that help online stores to carve out their niche and make new product and service offerings.
Our marketing team helps in planning and decision making through facts and insights, while design and development team assists the E-shops to create a unique customer appearance. For instance, following are the services that TechleTech has to offer for the people who are selling their products through E-commerce.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Business Solutions
  • Marketing Services
  • Maintenance, Security and Upgradation
  • Customer Support Service
  • SEO optimization
  • Helping in Decision Making through Information
  • Latest facts and trends about E-Commerce

Mobile Development

With ever-increasing development and innovation in smartphone technology, a major portion of the audience is switching to the mobile phones. Recognizing the needs of this emerging target audience, there is requirement to bring a digital innovation compatible with the new platform. In Mobile Development field, TechleTech team pays a due consideration to the user’s experience. In mobile apps, things actually work on a tap of the thumb. Users look for the apps that are not only easy to use but compatible and well supported by the operating systems of their smartphones. Our team of the professional developers is expert in designing and coding the apps for Android as well iOS. Our clients include corporates, businesses, and individuals who look to expand the sphere of their target customers to smartphone users by offering app versions of their digital presence. In order to make an impression on the mobile specific customers, there is need for creating an experience oriented product that provides ease of use on small screen as well. Apart from the marketing expect, our mobile app development services also include upgradation, maintenance and customers support as well.

IT Solutions for small businesses

Digital era has also revolutionized the way small businesses operate. As a matter of fact, small businesses have limited scope in term of operations but they may have the same needs of maintenance, upgrading and security. Unlike, businesses with large scale operations, small businesses can’t afford certain expenditures like keeping a dedicated department for security and maintenance; as such expenditures only result in a decrease in ROI. Keeping in view such needs of the small businesses, TechleTech offers the services of experienced and skilled technical experts who manage the security and maintenance issues on part of the small businesses, making it possible for them to continuous smooth operations in a cost effective manner. Well, our services, for small businesses are not limited to the security and upgradation as it may seem. Apart from keeping the websites of these small scale operators safe from threat of the viruses, we also offer marketing solutions, customer services assistants and other BPO services to them.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and E-Marketing have become an inevitable tools modern day businesses. Accessing the target customers through a digital space not only requires the marketing expertise but needs to leverage the technological tools as well. A strong strategy backed by the market insight and technical perspective is called for, in order to make it possible for the businesses to reach out to the potential customers. At TechleTech our team of E-Marketing professionals work to make sure that portfolio of their client reaches to the maximum customers and gets translated into the sales and revenues. E-Marketing services of TechleTech are much distinguishable for being targeted oriented in their nature. The fact is evident from the way our SEO works. Our professionals don’t focus on just getting links, or a temporary optimization, rather their focus is on providing an access to the maximum number of customers that our client wishes too. Through white hat SEO techniques aimed at getting the attention or real target audience is what our team of internet marketers plans to do, but there is also following mix of services that we offer in this regard.

SEO Services

  • National and International SEO
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Link building
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Review and Analytics
  • Keywords Mapping
  • Conversion Suggestions
  • Copy Optimization
  • Recommendations regarding URL Structuring
  • Comparative Analysis of Website Traffic
  • Audience Behaviour

Internet Marketing Services

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Reputation Management
  • Link Building